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Welcome to my blog!  

Some people collect art.  I don't really collect art.  I admire it and praise the creators for their ingenious creativity.  I make my own art, as you can see from my portfolio.

I do, however, collect shoes...

...because the right shoe can be a game changer.

This blog reflects my eternal search for the game changer.  I see shoes as serving two purposes:
  • Another form of art: art that you wear and love;  
  • A creative outlet for my otherwise conservative style.

Acquiring a new piece to add to my collection is an invigorating experience.  I hope that peeking into my collection inspires you to keep searching for your game changer...whatever that may be;-).

Click the goldenrod icon below to visit my blog, TheShoeGameChanger.blogspot.com .  Leave me a comment and send me a picture of your game changer to post and share.

I would love to hear from you.

The Virtual Outlet for a Real Life Obsession
©Kandra James