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Kolor by Kandra ® , Washington, DC
Virtual Art Portfolio of Kandra James
Color is everywhere.  

It effects what we see and how we see it.  It affects us in ways that we don't often realize.  Color can make us sleepy or warm, happy or hungry, thirsty or anxious, calm or quiet.  

This is why I love color.
I see opportunities for colorful creations in everything.  

It is the first thing that I see when I wake, the last thing I see as I close my eyes, and meanders through my dreams as I sleep.  

Most of all, it makes me smile and brings me joy.
Gel Paints
Latex...as in Home Depot
I invite you to wander through the pages of my portfolio and peek at my work.  It can be categorized as abstract, for the sake of categorizing at all.  The images are not what I was after....it was the color.

I hope that you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed painting.
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Kandra James
©Kandra James
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